The Unicorn in Captivity - The Unicorn Tapestries

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The Unicorn in Captivity - The Unicorn Tapestries

Unicorn In Captivity - The Unicorn Tapestries

A unicorn with a very long horn is in captivity in a small pen.  The Unicorn Tapestries are beautiful wall hangings that were woven from fine wool and silk, coloured with silver and gold threads. The origins of the tapestries are not well known but they're believed to be designed in Paris, produced in Brussels or Liège between 1495 and 1505.

The Unicorn in Captivity is thought to be the 'mystical conclusion' of the series 'The Hunt of the Unicorn'. This image shows the Unicorn in a small pen after it has been captured and tamed. Don't worry, the red marks on it's body aren't meant to represent wounds or blood, they are thought to represent Pomegranate Juice :)

The image is public domain so feel free to download a high resolution image of The Unicorn In Captivity, and do whatever you like with it. You can also find more information on the Met's web site: The Unicorn in Captivity (from the Unicorn Tapestries).